Conspiracy Logo 2018

Invited by Jake Charles Rees, Vytas designed and animated the logo for the CIJ Logan Symposium, theme of "Conspiracy", held at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Facial Recognition Mirror 2018

While working at the Superflux design studio in London, Vytas helped develop a facial recognition mirror that displays ads based on facial expressions for the exhibition the 'The Future Starts Here' at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Mitigation of Shock 2017

As part of Superflux we helped to build a London flat from 2050 starkly affected by climate change for the 'After the End of the World' exhibition at the CCCB in Barcelona.

The Future Energy Lab 2017

We helped Superflux design various artefacts for the 'Future Energy Lab'. Commissioned by The UAE Ministry of Energy, the project visualised the impact of potential UAE energy investment scenarios. The image above shows an air inhalator containing highly polluted air sample from the year 2034.

Buggyair Ongoing

Whilst at Superflux, Jon helped design and deploy highly accurate air pollution sensing kits set to bring about positive policy change around London.

Muto Labs 2016

At Superflux we helped create the interfaces and demo products for Mūtō Labs, a fictional startup prone to challenge the future role artificial intelligence and roboadvisory withing the investment sector. The project was presented at the FundForum International investment management conference in Berlin.

Drones Workshop 2015

Jon once facilitated, designed and led a series of drone making workshops at Goldsmiths University of London, aimed at MA students and local teenagers interested in design and making. The initiative was supported by Superflux.

Drone Aviary 2015

Jon helped Superflux design five drones for the Drone Aviary project exploring the future of autonomous areal vehicles.