Hive Creative residency at thecamp

The Cached Collective

Chroniques International Biennale of Digital Art 2018

The Cached experience takes a physical approach to personal digital data. The project engages with the repercussions of our individual online presence. Our online personality is cached, used to create a digital model of each of us to learn as much as possible. The Cached experience gives you a glimpse at how algorithms have learned to view us and the assumptions they make.

Using IBM Watson and Cambridge Apply Magic Sauce, your social media personality is analysed and quantified. Subsequently, the algorithm generates a psychological profile that describes your personality, behaviours, and predilections. This information takes the form of an immersive narrative accompanied by an audiovisual experience, to illustrate just how your activities online contribute to the way in which machines see you. Based on the way you write, Cached reveals your character traits, interests and consumer preferences.

Psychographic algorithms often resemble a blend between digital psychologists and oracles. Based on Jungian personality models and correlations between character traits, they will draw assumptions around what kind of person and consumer you might be. The analysis of this sort might not be as accurate as quantitative data on clicks, GPS points or biometrics. Nevertheless, the very idea that we are perceived as social beings rather than quantitative datasets raises the data privacy discourse to a new level.

Cached Mirror

We are looking to further explore this framework and harness it to engage more deeply with the functions, purposes and deployments of sophisticated algorithms. We want to continue creating evocative experiences that raise awareness about the complications that arise due to our increasingly technologised lives.

The project is a result of a collaborative effort by the Cached Collective. The collective first met during a summer residency in the South of France, the Hive. Each of us brings a distinct expertise to our collaborations that we leverage to create unique, multidisciplinary experiences. This broad base of specialities—from engineering to fashion design, from poetry to programming—allows us to approach our topics with a unique eye.

Because of the impenetrable way that modern technology functions, we strive to design impactful experiences that can be easily understood by a wide audience. We make the intangible tangible. We create impactful experiences that delve into data, algorithmic complexity, and obscure infrastructure, especially focusing on how these affect the individual. You can find more information by visiting

Cached Collective: Jon Flint, Felipe de Souza, Ryan Dzelzkalns, Clément Bouttier, Joana Mateus, Aline Martinez. With the help of Walid van Boetzelaer, Tim Maughan, Laurence Mence, Jake Charles Rees.


Year: 2018
Commission: Hive Creative residency at thecamp
Collaborators: The Cached Collective
Shows: Chroniques International Biennale of Digital Art 2018